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I have thought long and hard about including this page on this site. RA and SRA has impacted so many babies, children and adults globally, both in the present and historically I have included it to honour the incredible suffering countless human beings have had to endure for so long, I feel it is right and appropriate to do so.
Due to its content please only read this page if you have a specific interest in RA or SRA, I have not gone into specific atrocities but even so, imagination is quite a formidable weapon. It is not meant to shock but to bring to the attention of more people the plight of so many who silently scream every second of every day.

This page leads on in many ways from the PTSD and DID pages

I am assuming you are reading this page because you are, have been or know somebody who has been involved in RA or SRA. As you will read below there is still a large amount of scepticism in regard to RA and SRA. Many people will not admit that there is such a thing, denying its existence is mostly political and societies way of pretending that these things never happen. Therefore, not surprisingly, a lot of heads are and always will be stuck in the sand, it doesn't help these abused people's cases because this probably goes all the way to the top of our society with many closed and impenetrable doors.

'Fear' is a key factor that prohibits those who desperately need assistance from getting involved in such a controversial issue. This 'fear element' is probably the single most effective weapon the perpetrators of RA and SRA (or any childhood abuse) use to continue their activities undetected. Professionals often fear the loss of credibility at the mention of terms such as Satanism or Devil Worship.

Allegations of SRA remain controversial. A number of police forces, criminologists, psychologists, journalists and religious commentators have suggested that allegations of SRA are false or at least grossly exaggerated, notably the cases reported during the day care sex abuse hysteria which swept United States during the 1980s and 1990s, with only occasional cases with Satanic ritual elements perpetrated by lone abusers substantiated.

A large majority of therapists working with ritual abuse survivors in the early and mid-1990's believed that ritual abuse occurs. Studies have shown a connection between dissociative identity disorder and SRA, and researchers have found ritualistic abuse in substantiate cases of day care sexual abuse. Of the more than 12,000 cases examined by the National Centre on Child Abuse and Neglect, only a single case involved actual abuse within a context of satanic rituals.

The prevalence of any form of sexual abuse is difficult to quantify, and this is particularly the case in regards to SRA. There is little consensus on a definition of SRA, and its existence is challenged in some quarters. Nonetheless, there are some research findings that shed some light on the prevalence of SRA.

Research in America, Australia and Britain suggests that between a third and a quarter of psychotherapists, social workers and counsellors have encountered at least one client who disclosed a story of ritualistic or religion-related" abuse.

RA and SRA has become a specific interest to me over the past 6/7 because of several clients who has suffered hideous torture and suffering throughout their lives. I am in no doubt what so ever that RA and SRA exists and that the damage it causes, both during and after is beyond the average person's understanding or belief.

Although it is called Satanic Ritual Abuse it is not just in the domain of satanic worshipers, many other organised groups jump on the bandwagon. For the purpose of this page I will keep it to my experiences, to that of the people I know, the research I have done to clarify statements and back up these experiences.

Reports have also surfaced in Canada, France and Italy. All of the countries mentioned have noticed a virtual explosion of interest in the areas of witchcraft and the occult. Our knowledge of satanic ritual abuse is still very limited, as the reports of this crime have only begun to gain attention over the last couple of decade. Police personnel and professionals in the areas of identification, intervention, and treatment of abuse victims are painstakingly trying to piece together the information supplied by survivors of ritualistic abuse in order to meet the urgent need for expertise in this growing field of occult crimes.

This information, though shocking and heart breaking, will hopefully open some eyes to the fact of what man is capable of (and has been capable). For centuries such atrocities and heinous crimes including murder, cannibalism, sexual torture, incest, bestiality, paedophilia, human sacrifice etc. in hopes of appeasing a god of darkness have been committed just satisfy a human madness. The same god of darkness and deception who cloaks himself today in the secrecy of symbolism and ceremony is found in the occultist nature of secret societies that have been around for centuries. There are theories that much of today's ritual satanic child abuse could stem from secret societies. Such pseudo-Masonic cults have been around for a long time and have a history of advocating violence.

SRA is very similar in its effects to incest but much more sinister. The aftershocks that are felt by the victim are generally suffered for years and will have traumatic repercussions throughout the remainder their life.  The body of the victim is tortured and damaged in a number of ways. First there is the actual physical abuse. The child is abused sexually from possibly as early as 3 months while the perpetrators of the abuse associate severe pain and trauma with the sexual abuse. Examples that have come to my attention include the placing of snakes, rodents and other creepy crawlies in and on the child's body for specific purposes, (sometimes for days). The perpetrators may dress up as clergy, policemen or other professionals while they abuse the children. They will watch, the cutting mutilation and consumption of body parts, the sacrifice of other children while the victim also watches, and the forcing of the victim to kill other victims, animals and so on. Some ceremonies will last for varying lengths of time possibly up to 4 days.

The purpose of the abuse is to control the victim, degrade, demoralise and break the victim to destroy all hope. This is so life changing that the group committing the acts can build the victim into the type of person that they desire him/her to be. The immediate result is to create a literal hell on earth. Under most circumstances it is a family member who is involved in the groups who force the child to participate. This results is the breaking of trust and love. The body of the victim is put through unimaginable abuse but the real damage is performed against the emotional and spiritual well-being of the victim.


Emotionally the child/victim is fragmented and destroyed. The child cannot deal with the abuse. The very tenants of authority and family that God has set up are utterly destroyed. The child is made to feel that these events are occurring because the child is bad, at fault or worthless. The child is degraded emotionally and self-worth is stripped away. The only survival mechanism available to the child is to split off part of his/her personality and let that part become isolated so that it can deal with the trauma and pain. This allows the child to lead a "normal" life when the abuse is not actually occurring. In essence this is the deepest level of denial that a person can experience, this is a survival mechanism of the severest form. The term for this is "Dissociative Identity Disorder, (DID). This is dealt with in more detail in the DID/MPD page.

In many RA and SRA groups the "splitting off" of personalities is one of the desired effects of the abuse. The reason they desire this is that now the abuse will not show in public unless someone is trained to look for it or recognise it. The abuse is contained by the personalities (alters) that were created to experience it while the core personality may function normally in everyday life.

Here are a few ways that RA, SRA and incest victims show that they are being abused. I do not mean to label all children in this way. It is normal for a child to be curious about his/her body but children who are the victims of these crimes tend to do the following beyond the social norms of society. They are as follows, victims from 2 to 9 tend to masturbate uncontrollably in public. They are obsessed and cannot stop even when scolded. They tend to sexually violate other children. To them the behaviour is normal and they cannot discern right from wrong. They may be obsessed with death and things dying. They may speak of it beyond what would be considered normal or certainly not age appropriate. They may have consistent imaginary "friends" that they talk to. They may know things that would be impossible for a child of that age to understand and know. These signs of RA and SRA and incest abuse are by no means sure ways to know if someone is a victim of abuse. They are however ways that victims who are suffering from abuse show the world what is happening when they go home.


Below is one view of the continuing spiritual battle going on in this world and what can lay behind SRA. There are many cults, some are similar some not, some follow their own calendar and some follow a more general one. Of course not everybody agrees with any of this, some would say that it has nothi9ng to do with Satanists but an excuse by very perverted members of society to indulge themselves in every and anyway they can think of. There would appear to be as much perversion in many "respected professions" and "safe" walks of life in the name of truth as there are in the generally accepted "bad/evil cults."

Victims of RA and SRA and incest are spiritually abused. Spiritual laws apply to victims of SRA and incest. One such spiritual law is that the head of the household is the protector of the family. When incest and/or SRA is allowed to occur by the head of the family a problem in the spiritual realm may be opened. God placed the father (or if the father is absent the mother) in the position as the Spiritual Head of the Family. Satan cannot directly access the children of the family. The Head of the family is in essence an umbrella of protection against demonic assault and when this protection is removed spirits are allowed to enter.

Due to the open doorway spirits associated with the offender are allowed to enter the child. They take up residence in different parts of the person. Usually they harbour themselves into the emotions and mind of the person. Some will take residence in the body. Wherever they reside they stay to strengthen their position and entrench themselves to prevent easy removal. They also seek to further their influence and cause the child to become involved in further "sin". The spirits gain legal right to enter the child/victim through permission from the father.

Unfortunately the type of spirits and the way they enter allow deeper penetration of the victim. This is done through a number of ways. In many instances blood transactions occur. The victim is in essence sold to Satan or one of Satan's servants. The transaction is sealed with a portion of the victim's blood, this is either consumed or held by the Satanist/Occultist. They believe that this gives them power over the victim. Satanic rites are performed on the victim. These rites give permission of the certain spirits to enter the victim to serve as "controllers" for the Satanist/Occultist with the intent of abusing to gain and exercise control.

Basically anything that violates God's Law and the moral right and wrongs of conscience, which God has instituted in man is what the Satanist/Occultist desires to perpetrate. They stand in stark opposition of Jesus Christ. Their intent is to steal the innocence of the children and damage their lives to the point that no recovery can take place.

God is gracious even in the face of such overbearing odds. God is in control. He can do all things. There Is Hope! I want you to know that if you or a loved one has suffered from incest, RA or SRA then there is hope. Hope in Jesus Christ. He defeated those whom your abusers serve. They serve a defeated master. When Jesus Christ died on the cross and was raised from the dead on the third day, He crushed Satan and overthrew his kingdom. The kingdom of Satan belongs to the Lord Jesus now. Satan is operating illegally now in this world. Jesus can heal you thoroughly. It will not be easy but He can.

The complexities around this subject are enormous as is the controversy, this is just a very small look at the workings around RA/SRA. As suggested earlier, so much surrounds this but the important thing is you, the victim and your personal experiences. Help is available for you if you are able to reach out, any correspondence or communication will treated with the highest possible confidentiality.