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Life Coaching

I have been using my life coaching skills for many years.  Some people come to me for specific coaching and at other times it is built into my Integrative Counselling approach.

Life Coaching can be transformational.

The Most Common Areas for Life coaching Are:

•    Career.
•    Self-esteem/self-confidence.
•    Relationships.
•    Business management.

Life Coaching is:

•    Seeing where you are now, where you want to go in your life, and the process of getting you there.
•    Getting you from Point A to Point B.
•    Finding the best way for you to achieve your dreams, visions for yourself, and goals.
•    Supporting you in taking your vision for yourself and turning it into reality.
•    A partnership, a collaboration, and a supportive relationship.
•    A goal-directed process that moves your life forward.
•    Active therapy, using insights and realisations to propel you forward.
•    Guiding you through the changes you want to make.
•    Asking you deep and meaningful questions to help you reach your potential.
•    Lining your life up with what you want most for yourself.

I have Helped Clients in Most Areas of Their Lives, Including;

•    Work-life balance.
•    Health.
•    Spirituality.
•    Work related problems.
•    Motivation.
•    Finding a path and purpose in life, both now and in the future.
•    Self-confidence (when dating).
•    Self-confidence and self-esteem.
•    Sexual problems.
•    Relationship problems.
•    Finances and money.
•    and many more areas.

Because there are so many aspects of life, any area can be looked at and addressed.