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Counsellors in Eastbourne

Does life seem to be full of problems you cant face up to?

Want to cope better and enjoy life more?

Nobody comes into their life with a set of instructions; and if youve not had a good start, when things go wrong, then badly wrong, it can be hard to cope.  

Everyones problem is unique, and there are many different kinds of therapy available to help you, in order to enjable you deal with your life and the people you meet in better ways so that you feel more fulfilled and valued.  Take a first step on the road to healing and stop your problems from taking over.  If somewhere along the line, youve lost control of vital issues, lost friends, lost faith in your own abilities to cope, call us if you live in or around Eastbourne, for an initial chat which is free, to find out more information about our impartial counselling services, which will help you re-find your way.

Talking about your personal problems with our qualified counsellors in Eastbourne can bring you great relief and strength to move forward.  If youre stressed, worried, hurt, depressed or confused, or you may be ill, and need someone to help you cope, specialised personal help with your problems is available in Eastbourne.  So, if you are finding it hard to manage your feelings or your life, and things are getting on top of you, come and speak confidentially to qualified counsellors Adrian Spencer and Marika Welstead, who have been in practice for 12 years. 

Adrian Spencer-counselling4you is a Counsellor in Eastbourne just for You.

I am able to help you in a variety of ways, using the many therapies which at my disposal to help you relax, open up, look inside yourself and face your personal issues in a comfortable and secure place.  As a completely confidential and non-judgemental service, Adrian offers counselling in Eastbourne which is open to anyone regardless of history or background, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Professional Counsellors in Eastbourne are here to Listen

If you have problems, even deep seated, emotional problems, pain, bad memories you cant seem to get free of, stress at work or home, habits you cannot break, relationship patterns that keep repeating themselves, gentle, understanding therapies will help you come to terms with them, and that is what our Eastbourne counselling services are designed for.   Whether you have deep hurts or feel drawn to destructive relationships, or cannot escape the source of much heartache, low self esteem, even violence, we are here to listen, understand and help you cope with life counselling to heal damaged or broken relationships, and help you move away from unhealthy associations and stop repeating patterns and automatic responses in future ones.

Gentle counselling have many ways to help you find clarity in your personal life, in Eastbourne.  Adrian and Marika can help you recognise your problems for what they are and with a range of techniques, such as EMDR, Deep Release, Mindfulness ... there are many avenues to try so you will be doing whatever you feel is most comfortable, to start you on the road to healing.  

Sometimes people come to us because issues have mounted up so much that they dont know even where to start with their personal difficulties.  You might ask:  After so many years of stress and pain, how can I ever unravel the inner workings of my, or my partner’s mind?  ....there is an answer.  You don’t have to bear these things alone and if you think you’re the only one with a particular trauma or psychosis, you may be surprised, because your Counsellor has probably seen and heard it, or something very like it, all before.  If you live in Eastbourne some help and understanding is not far away.   

If you’re nervous about laying bare your inner self or think you will find it upsetting to dwell upon your issues and that it might be harder to cope at home afterwards, don’t worry, I am trained to keep you safe, build you up and give you confidence.  You can feel safe to share anything with your personal counsellor, knowing it will go no further.  Bring your problems out in the open, but quietly and under control, in a safe and confidential setting in complete privacy.  People find that our Eastbourne Counsellprs peaceful rooms are a good place to help them work through what’s going on and find the answers and hopefully, some peace.  Longstanding anxiety, past hurts, personal abuse, loneliness… these can all take their toll of your mental health but experiencing gentle talking therapies will begin the gradual process of healing for you in a safe, private place.

If you have any questions please call and I will be delighted to discuss my services in Eastbourne, or to arrange an initial meeting with you.

Adrian Spencer

Counsellors in Eastbourne

I have a BSc Hons in Integrative Counselling, a Level 5 Diploma in Supervision, an EMDR Practitioner, Life Coach, Creative Counsellor, Supervisor and an Accedited Member of UKCP.

I adhere to the appropriate practices and codes of ethics.

I also am a registered trainer in counselling & supervision for the CPCAB, training counsellors and the general public in various counselling related isues including, Mindfulness, anger/anger management, attachment, creative listening etc.


My passion is helping people unlock the past enabling them to live better lives in the future.

Counselling in Eastbourne for all your troubles

from professional people who do not give unwanted advice, but help you delve into your emotions and feelings, is therapeutic for the whole person; mind, body and soul.  Counselling of this kind is available in Eastbourne from Adrian.  Personal problems can seem insurmountable and can even transfer themselves to physical ailments.  Integrative therapies can give deep release from the troubles that beset you; if you feel that spiritual counsel is also required, our counselling respects all faiths and religions.  If your journey is just beginning or if you are already along the way but require some specific counselling that will help you understand a weak area, perhaps from a different perspective, then call our Counsellors in Eastbourne for help.  I am here to help you out of your confusion and move you onwards to a positive change in your life. 

So if you are suffering from

  • Panic Attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Marital problems
  • DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)
  • Depression
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Disorders related to food such as Bulimia, Anorexia
  • Post Traumatic Stress after an accident/incident
  • RA/SRA
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse...

You may be quite nervous about delving deeply in to your past and unwrapping all those buried memories but do not be afraid of coming for counselling help in Eastbourne.  Coping mechanisms that develop as a result of trauma can become tragic symptoms of the real problem and be almost if not more harmful than the cause.  Depression, anger, bitterness, withdrawal, self harm... there are no surprises to a trained counsellor who has seen it all before;  let us help you to explore, release and move on.  Its a gentle process, and always at a pace you feel is comfortable for you.  Our counselling rooms are a safe place to divulge your deepest troubles - and you know that it will go no further. 

I work with anyone regardless of their background, religion or race. We are non judgemental and simply concerned to help you deal with any problems you are facing right now.  We are also used to working with people of any faith, cultural background, sexual orientation, or colour, to overcome trauma after any dramatic event or longstanding past injury whether mental, spiritual or emotional.

I offer counselling in Eastbourne to help those who feel guilty and ashamed to be free and more confident once again.  If youre confused, worried or cannot deal with deep seated feelings of bitterness or anger, learn to deal with these feelings with the help of professional counsellors who do not judge but simply and calmly help you reflect on your issues and consider alternative ways of managing things.

Since everyone is different, with different histories we dont have any set ways of going about counselling. Therapy can be short term or long term, depending upon the subject and the rate at which you feel comfortable.  Several different techniques may be used. Your problems are unique to you, and so is your therapy.

Dont wait for the rest of your life to pass you by. You dont have to feel helpless and stuck.  You can break free with the right counselling service.  Come and see Adrian at counselling4you in Eastbourne, and let the healing begin.