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Counselling in Sussex

Do you feel that your relationships are out of control?  

Do you wonder if anything good is ever going to happen for you?  

At a standstill in your life?

Try Counselling in Sussex 

If you are searching for professional, independent Counselling in Sussex to help you move on, then you have come to the right place.   Adrian Spencer welcomes you to my friendly counselling rooms where I offer different therapies and counselling for people, or couples, or families.  

I can help you find hope, clarity in your personal problems, and find the inner resources hidden deep inside, giving you the confidence to move on.  If you would like to contact us for a confidential discussion - please click here for details. 

Counselling for your problems can be a very great help when you are struggling to cope, on your own and simply dont know where to go next.  Long periods of stress can have longer term effects that arent immediately obvious - even to yourself.  If youre confused, stressed, frightened, or worried, it can be hard to find clarity in your personal life, without talking about it to someone you can trust.

Some people think that showing weakness in times of trouble is not to be permitted.  Being Strong and Silent for too long enables you to deny, even to yourself, that youre a human being with needs.  We can end up being unable to acknowledge our real feelings - until that moment when everything spirals downwards. If you dont know who to confide in, at desperate times like this, it helps to talk - with counselling4you, where complete confidentiality is assured and you know that your personal information wont go any further.

Offering many forms of counselling in Sussex for over 14 years, Adrian offers both short and long term confidential counselling to people with many troubles, requiring counselling or therapy.  Everyone is unique with a set of problems that is entirely their own, which is why we are able to offer many different therapies with different approaches and methods to help anyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation. 

Call Us to Talk About Your Problem - Counselling4you is based in Seaford and Eastbourne

We are happy to offer a short free counselling session over the phone, to help you work out what your issues might be.  Why not call us for a chat?  See our Contact Page for details and phone numbers.

Magazines and the media encourage us to spend a lot of time on our personal appearance, and comparisons with (airbrushed) visions of others, living different lives, can be very discouraging.  Everywhere you turn there are diet tips, exercise programmes on offer. Makeup and perfumes to make you sexy and attractive.  This or that holiday or new household item will change your life for the better! We can polish and fine tune our bodies a little like a car (if we have the time and energy or money for the gym membership)! But have your mind also needs care and consideration - perhaps a retune from time to time, to clean up negativity and low self esteem, care for the emotional bruises and knocks, and even to replace damaged or worn out thinking?

If you have been Hurt and Damaged - Counselling Will Help You

We help you heal what is broken, hurt or damaged and help you come to terms with the past.   If you have suffered from abuse, or damaging relationships, and have been bruised emotionally from many disappointments, or are suffering from anxiety or stress, we will help you work your way through the reasons why problems keep repeating themselves and help you move on.  

By the time people seek us for counselling in Sussex they are very often at the end of their tether with their relationships, spiritual life, personal, emotional, behavioural, physical problems, or career or spiritual issues.  Counselling can give you that deeper understanding of yourself - that may have been missing for so long.  Really taking the time to assess your priorities, discover your personal strengths and move on is often the pivotal point where you start your new life.  You can decide whats worked, and what might be worth doing differently; decide where to go with your education or career problems, learn to deal with stress in healthy ways and have deep therapy for any trauma that may be too deep to even acknowledge - but still manages to control your life in subtle ways, preventing you from moving forward. 

You may have got into the habit of denying that you have any problems and staying strong in the face of adversity.  But its ok for even the strongest tree to break sometimes, we help you to allow yourself to offload your problems, counselling in our rooms in is gradual and gently, in a way that is safe and healthy, making you tougher to withstand lifes problems and bringing lasting personal and/or spiritual growth.

Adrian and Marika have a counselling room in Seaford, Sussex.

Counselling in Sussex - helping you reconfigure your life.