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At Counselling4you there are various ways we help with anxiety.

We offer Mindfulness, EMDR & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for social anxiety caused by day-to-day experiences. CBT can ease the symptoms, enabling a break from the sometimes-overwhelming anxiety and fear. But it may not heal/process/solve deeper issues from the past.

We will also explore the historical reasons for your suffering and try to heal any damaged, hidden or ignored emotions from past experiences. We will explore all of your current issues, experiences, life situations and relationships to see if any or all can be changed.  

We use EMDR for phobias, such as spider, water, sickness, open spaces, flying and other irrational fears by trying to get to the root causes and eliminating any residue from past traumas (small or large), for example, flash backs, PTSD, damaged emotions, body sensations and/or negative thoughts.

With our integrative counselling added to a possible combination of medication from your doctor we would hope to find a greater freedom for you in your life. Different people respond to different treatments. Our long-term hope for you would be, not just to manage or deal with anxiety in your every-day life but also to be free from any historic irrational fear all together.


Anxiety is a blanket term covering several different forms of abnormal, pathological anxiety, fears, phobias and nervous conditions that are described as an irrational or illogical worry that is not based on fact. The term anxiety disorder can cover a range of severities from general social anxieties to panic disorders.

The terms anxiety and fear have specific scientific meanings, but common usage has made them interchangeable. For example, a phobia is a kind of anxiety that is also defined as a persistent or irrational fear. Fear is defined as an emotional and physiological response to a recognised external threat (e.g., a runaway car or an impending crash in an airplane).

Anxiety is an unpleasant emotional state, the sources of which are less readily identified. It is frequently accompanied by physiological symptoms that may lead to fatigue or even exhaustion. Because fear of recognised threats causes similar unpleasant mental and physical changes, people use the terms fear and anxiety interchangeably. Thus, there is little need to strive to differentiate anxiety from fear. However, distinguishing among different anxiety disorders is important, since accurate diagnosis is more likely to result in effective treatment and a better prognosis.

Some Anxiety Disorders that Counselling4you have worked with

Panic Attacks



Social Anxiety