Heal what is hurt, damaged or broken.

Please do take some time to have a look through my website and the services that I offer. If you have any questions relating to a problem that may be affecting you or your life, or wish to enquire regarding an initial assessment, please get in contact with me for a friendly, confidential conversation which may help you decide your best way forward.

I work with anyone regardless of age, race, religion, culture, sex, or colour.


I use EMDR as either a stand-alone therapy for more acute and specific issues or as part of my wider integrative counselling for issues that may arise during our time together.

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Life Coaching

I have been using my life coaching skills for many years. Some people come to me for specific coaching and at other times it is built into my Integrative Counselling approach.

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Creative Therapy

Creative Counselling encompasses many ways of looking at and working with the “Human Condition” in Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Counselling4you has successfully been helping clients for a number of years using mindfulness within our integrative counselling practise, mainly in these three areas.

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I am a qualified Supervisor and a CPCAB qualified trainer for the level 5 Diploma in Counselling Supervision Course. My Counselling / supervision is in line with my personal philosophy, in that we are all unique and grow/evolve in different ways.

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CBT can help you to change how you think (‘Cognitive’) and what you do (‘Behaviour’). These changes can help you to feel better.

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We are here to help

It does not matter whether your problems are personal, relational, emotional, behavioural, physical, spiritual, or social because my counselling room is a safe place where you will be warmly welcomed.

If you have family or educational issues, career or stress/trauma-related problems, rest assured that I can help address your problems and begin to work through them.

My Counselling philosophy

  • Heal what is hurt, damaged or broken.
  • Seek clarity, resolution and compromise to problems.
  • Try to find balance in all areas of life.
  • To assist in personal and/or spiritual growth.
  • Discover/rediscover your true self (the one buried under your life experiences, bruises and masks).
  • To find your hope, inner resources and confidence to move forward.
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Adrian Spencer BSc Hons

The work I do is ethical, non-judgemental, wholly confidential and with a high level of integrity, empathy and compassion. I believe that the first step is recognising/admitting that there is a problem, with yourself, a life situation or within a relationship.

“If you change nothing – nothing will change” – This is a concept which I apply to my work because for a situation to change and before any kind of resolution and healing can begin, honesty and acknowledgement within oneself are an essential stepping stone.

Counselling4you allows this to happen respectfully and naturally. Its a safe place where your problems and difficulties can be listened to, understood and allowed to unfold.

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Thank you Adrian, the person whom I recommended to you has told me that you have helped her in a way that she didn’t feel was possible, and together you are turning her life around. She is able to go out and is beginning to make friends again and hopes to be able to return to work shortly.

From a personal point of view you also have a gift in training people so they understand and make changes. My staff group have dramatically improved their self-awareness since you have been training them.

I have never been asked by staff to extend training sessions because they are really learning and enjoying it so much.(Manageress of a large residential care home.

Adrian gave me an enormous amount of support at a very difficult time in my life.  I already knew none of this was my fault but to have his support and someone validating and understanding what it was like for me meant an awful lot, it had never happened before.

Since then Adrian has given me support by writing references and if I need any thing I can e mail.  Life is much better since then and I am slowly getting back on my feet, sometimes it is those who are there for you in the bad times you remember because when I came out of hospital I had no one, Id upset all my friends and had no contact with my family whatsoever…………..

I found my therapist to be holding, empathetic and intuitive.

He helped me to heal from the devastating effects of my childhood PTSD and I learnt to connect with myself again.”

I lost direction in my life and did not know how to move forward. I trusted Adrian to guide me. Adrian is a patient, compassionate and intuitive man.

He guided me to restore my self-worth and belief in myself. Treating post traumatic stress syndrome and taught me many techniques to deal with stress. He taught me how to cope with the challenges in my life at the time and be more prepared for lifes journey.

I have moved forward positively, I am more confident and content and able to deal with life and its ups and downs.