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Welcome to Counselling 4 You

Please do take some time to have a look through my website and the services that I offer. If you have any questions relating to a problem that may be affecting you or your life, or wish to enquire regarding an initial assessment, please get in contact with me for a friendly, confidential conversation which may help you decide your best way forward. 

 I work with onyone regardless of age, race, religion, culture, sex, or colour. 

 My Counselling Philosophy is to:

  • Heal what is hurt, damaged or broken.

  • Seek clarity, resolution and compromise to problems.

  • Try to find balance in all areas of life.

  • To assist in personal and/or spiritual growth.

  • Discover/rediscover your true self (the one buried under your life experiences, bruises and masks).

  • To find your hope, inner resources and confidence to move forward.

It does not matter whether your problems are personal, relational, emotional, behavioural, physical, spiritual, or social because my counselling room is a safe place where you will be warmly welcomed. If you have family or educational issues, career or stress/trauma-related problems, rest assured that I can help address your problems and begin to work through them.

The work I do is ethical, non-judgemental, wholly confidential and with a high level of integrity, empathy and compassion.

I believe that the first step is recognising/admitting that there is a problem, with yourself, a life situation or within a relationship.

"If you change nothing - nothing will change" - This is a concept which I apply to my work because for a situation to change and before any kind of resolution and healing can begin,  honesty and acknowledgement within oneself are an essential stepping stone.

Counselling4you allows this to happen respectfully and naturally.  Its a safe place where your problems and difficulties can be listened to, understood and allowed to unfold.


I have teamed up with another independent counsellor who is able to offer slightly lower cost counselling.

Please see the about me & the Fees page for more information.