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Welcome to Counselling 4 You

Please take your time to browse through our website and, if you have questions relating to any area of interest or just wish to enquire regarding an initial meeting, please contact us for a free, confidential chat with one of our qualified Therapists to help you decide the best way forward.

We offer both short and long term counselling/therapy to anyone, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, culture, race or religion.

Our Personal and Counselling Philosophy is to:

  • Heal what is hurt, damaged or broken.

  • Seek clarity, resolution, or compromise to problems.

  • Find balance in all areas of life.

  • To assist in personal and/or spiritual growth.

  • Discover/rediscover your true self (the one buried under your life experiences, bruises and masks).

  • To find your hope, inner resources and confidence to move forward.

Our Counselling Room is a safe place where you will be welcomed by Adrian or Marika, (possibly both for some couples counselling).  We're ready to help you whether your problems are personal, relational, emotional, or behavioural, physical, spiritual, or social.  If you have family or educational issues, career or stress/trauma related problems be assured that we can help you work through and address them.

All of our work is ethical, non-judgemental, totally confidential, with a high level of integrity, empathy and compassion.

The first step is recognising/admitting that there is a problem, with yourself, a life situation or with a relationship.

Your acknowledgement and self honesty is essential for any resolution or healing to begin, because "if you change nothing - nothing will change" and the situation will continue.

Counselling4you allows this to happen gently and naturally.  It's a safe place where your problems and difficulties can be listened to, understood and allowed to unfold.